Committee Focus Areas


Collectively develop and implement innovative strategies that promote Native American homeownership.

In order to effectively promote Native American homeownership, the South Dakota Native Homeownership Coalition facilitates five working committees that strategically address specific issues related to homeownership. By focusing on these key areas the Coalition is able to pave the way for homeownership.

Physical Issues: Land, Infrastructure, Housing Stock

This committee works to develop and implement strategies to explain and streamline the land lease process, strengthen infrastructure efforts, and increase housing stock on Native land in South Dakota.

2018 Milestones

  • Continue to focus on inspector certification: hold another training and work to have one certified inspector on each reservation
  • Encourage tribes to adopt IRC Code, with tribal overlay
  • Complete leasehold flowcharts (by 12/31)
  • Create appraisal subcommittee to focus on appraiser apprenticeship process
  • Continue/expand construction internship program
  • Plan Coalition’s annual site visit to tribal community

Homebuyer Readiness

This committee implements strategies to help housing practitioners increase homebuyer readiness.

2018 Milestones

  • Conduct homebuyer education program implementation training including “how to implement” session (lesson plans, client follow-up)
  • Conduct training on green/traditional practices
  • Show video at future trainings/workshops
  • Coordinate wills clinics with Dakota Plains Legal Services – homes/land (checklist)
  • Update SDNHOC resource guide
  • Conduct webinars (2-3) and YouTube videos (grant availability and resources leveraging, land topics)

Funding & Financing

This committee focuses on identifying available sources of funding for housing providers to pursue homeownership projects, assist individual homebuyers, and sustain their organizations.

2018 Milestones

  • Oversee housing needs studies
  • Continue to develop on-line funding clearinghouse
  • Share information to support applications: webinars on “how to” complete applications, strong samples, case studies, templates – podcasts, YouTube
  • Develop conference workshops on funding and finance topics
  • Support 502 re-lending pilot by USDA
  • Support short-term CDFI lending

Native Veterans Homeownership 

This committee works to increase access to homeownership resources for Native American veterans by focusing on matters addressing housing stock and land issues, homebuyer education, and subsidies.

2018 Milestones

  • Conduct contractor workshop in January 2018
  • Streamline and document homebuying process for Native veterans on trust land
  • Publish Native Veterans Homeownership Guide for each reservation with tribal and federal information
  • Provide credit training for TVSOs and other veterans organizations
  • Pilot Native veteran housing needs assessment initiative


This committee identifies and addresses systemic policies that are impediments to Native homeownership.

2018 Milestones

  • Develop annual policy recommendations
  • Provide briefings to:
    • SD Congressional delegation
    • SD Tribal Relations Leg Committee
    • SDHDA Board
  • Conduct advocacy to:
    • Streamline VA NADL
    • Implement USDA 502 demonstration
    • Support BIA HIP downpayment
  • Research new issues:  Section 184 refinancing, appraisal concerns, and Duty to Serve
  • Expand partnerships w/ NAIHC and NCAI to support their legislative agendas on homeownership