Committee Focus Areas


Collectively develop and implement innovative strategies that promote Native American homeownership.

In order to effectively promote Native American homeownership, the South Dakota Native Homeownership Coalition facilitates five working committees that strategically address specific issues related to homeownership. By focusing on these key areas the Coalition is able to pave the way for homeownership.

Physical Issues: Land, Infrastructure, Housing Stock

This committee works to develop and implement strategies to explain and streamline the land lease process, strengthen infrastructure efforts, and increase housing stock on Native land in South Dakota.

2019 Milestones

  • Continue to focus on inspector certification: explore college course development
  • Hold contractor workshop
  • Focus on appraiser apprenticeship process
  • Continue/expand construction internship program (2 new sites)
  • Start conducting outreach to youth on construction trades
  • Train practitioners on leasehold process
  • Focus on utilities (water/sewer); engage IHS/BIA
  • Explore design of handicapped-accessible homes

Coalition & Member Sustainability

This committee focuses on building the sustainability of the Coalition and its member organizations through a variety of methods.

2019 Milestones

  • Conduct on-site “deep dive” peer-to-peer training
  • Conduct feasibility study on potential development/TA arm of the Coalition
  • Conduct feasibility study on national effort to “share the Coalition model”
  • Conduct capacity building survey of Coalition members/potential members
  • Develop conference workshops on funding and finance topics

Homebuyer Readiness

This committee implements strategies to help housing practitioners increase homebuyer readiness.

2019 Milestones

  • Conduct wills clinics
  • Conduct financial coaching training
  • Conduct Pathways instructor certification training
  • Develop home loan tracking book for clients going through homebuyer process
  • Develop and conduct post-purchase training
  • Conduct homebuyer education training for new Councils
  • Increase capacity and number of HERO partners

Native Veterans Homeownership 

This committee works to increase access to homeownership resources for Native American veterans by focusing on matters addressing housing stock and land issues, homebuyer education, and subsidies.

2019 Milestones

  • Finalize Native veteran housing needs assessment pilot initiative
  • Finalize Native Veterans Homeownership Guide
  • Develop Native veteran homebuyer education curriculum
  • Develop a post-purchase home buyer education curriculum addendum for Native veterans
  • Explore strategies to improve NADL loan servicing
  • Explore a Native veteran contractor consortium


This committee identifies and addresses systemic policies that are impediments to Native homeownership.

2019 Milestones

  • Develop annual policy recommendations
  • Provide briefings to:
    • SD Congressional delegation
    • SD Tribal Relations Leg Committee
    • SDHDA Board
    • GPTCA
  • Submit public comment letters on relevant topics, e.g. Section 184, CRA reform, etc.
  • Research new policy issues:  Indian Health Services funding, BIA leasing and title issues, meth/opioid issues